Marketing Excellence Awards



The SMPS St. Louis Marketing Excellence Awards recognize outstanding achievement in marketing communications by professional service firms in the design and building industry. Occurring once every two years, the competition provides an unparalleled opportunity for professional services firms to showcase their best marketing practices.


Want to submit an award for work produced between January 1, 2016 and December 31, 2017? Categories include:

  1. Advertising
  2. Corporate Identity
  3. Feature Writing
  4. Internal Communications
  5. Magazine
  6. Media/Public Relations
  7. Promotional Campaigns
  8. Proposals
  9. Self-Promotion/Direct Mail
  10. Social Media
  11. Special Events
  12. Website
  13. Video

Member $75 ($50 Early Bird)
Non-Member $125 ($100 Early Bird)

Early Bird Deadline 3/16/18
Deadline 3/30/2018

Save the Date for our June 14, 2018 awards celebration. The awards celebration will allow local marketers to network, get ideas to improve their firm’s efforts, and celebrate the 2018 winners. 


2016 Marketing Excellence Awards

Presenters included: HOK (special events), Lawrence Group (social media) and TOKY (website).

Award Categories and Winners Include:
SMPS9490Category – Advertising 
Farnsworth Group (Award of Excellence)

Category – Self-Promotion
Hager Companies (Award of Merit)

Category – Social Media
Lawrence Group (Award of Excellence)
Spellman Brady & Company (Award of Merit)

Category – Internal Communication
HOK (Award of Merit)
SMPS9512Spellman Brady & Company (Award of Merit)

Category – Promotional Campaign
Farnsworth Group (Award of Excellence)
Synergy Group (Award of Excellence)
HOK (Award of Merit)

Category – Special Event
McCarthy Building Companies, Inc. (Award of Excellence)
HOK (Award of Excellence)

SMPS9478Category – Website
TOKY-Christner, Inc. (Award of Excellence)
TOKY-HOK (Award of Excellence)
Mackey Mitchell Architects (Award of Excellence)
Synergy Group-Wiegmann Associates (Award of Excellence)

TOKY-KSS Architects
(Award of Merit)
TOKY-SWT Design (Award of Merit)

Category – Corporate Identity
Mackey Mitchell Architects (Award of Excellence)

Category – Feature Writing
Spellman Brady & Company (Award of Merit)

Best in Show WinnerTOKY-SWT Design


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