SMPS St. Louis Mentorship Program

20151028_130027Three years ago, SMPS St. Louis revamped our Mentor Program, established in 2010, to include more formal guidance and an opportunity for all mentorship pairs to network and collaborate. Since then more than 15 pairs have graduated from the program, gaining further knowledge of the AEC industry, career guidance and an expanded network.

Last year, Shane Harris of PSI and Todd Scheibe of KPFF were successfully paired.


“When I originally signed up as a Mentee, I wasn’t exactly sure what I should expect. The SMPS committee paired me with my mentor Todd Scheibe of KPFF.  First thought was what a great match, he is a civil engineer and manages his department along with Business Development.

I am making the transition from being a civil engineer for 12 years to a full time Business Development Manager for PSI.  Todd and I meshed very well and gave 100 % to each other to arrange consistent meetings to discuss lessons and experiences.  Todd was amazing at answering my questions and giving tidbits that have helped him.  Our meetings were always kept simple and stress free.  They felt like two friends talking and sharing stories.  The most important thing I got from my mentor and the program is that ‘you get out what you put into it’.  We both made it a point to stay in touch outside of the monthly meetings and we still maintain regular meetings. I recommend the Mentor program to all SMPS members.”


“I think the first step in having success with this kind of program is being paired up with the appropriate person. I have been fortunate to have two great mentees so far. I believe the program worked for Shane and I because we were both willing to put in a level of commitment over time by meeting fairly often, including the monthly group meetings. This commitment led to a positive return on our investment of time and made the program worthwhile to us both. We were able to establish an open dialogue, discuss all kinds of topics, and share information easily. I would recommend the program to everyone in the organization.”

The Mentor Program consists of six months of guidance. During this time, the mentee and mentor are asked to meet monthly, while the chapter organizes group gatherings for all pairings and provides leadership materials and guidance.

Interested in participating?

Download the mentee application on our website and submit it to Mentees and hand paired with their mentors to try and create the best experience.

Amanda Bohnert is Director of Marketing at S. M. Wilson & Co. She currently serves as President Elect for the Society for Marketing Professional Services – St. Louis Chapter.

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