Sponsor Spotlight: RDG Planning & Design

SMPS St. Louis Gold Sponsor

RDG Planning & Design’s St. Louis office is located in the heart of the vibrant Maplewood, Missouri community.  Within the past two years, the RDG St. Louis team has grown from three to eighteen members. They have designed more than 95 projects in 15 states and 37 campuses across the United States and continue to grow. They are supported by the entire RDG design group of 180+ RDG members working in 16 project markets. Together, they provide a world-class experience in designing interior environments coupled with an incredible passion for workplace culture.

Their culture reinforces the vision of RDG Planning & Design: “Create.Meaning.Together.”  RDG St. Louis has been involved with SMPS from its conception in 2017. Catrina Cook, Principal with RDG, has served on the SMPS St. Louis board since 2015. RDG is also a currently Gold Sponsor.

Notable recent projects include:

  • Clarendale of Clayton (Currently Under Construction) – This is an exciting project for St. Louis as it sits at the intersection of Clayton Road and Hanley.
  • Menno Haven Restore – Located in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania, this recently completed project is a new level of rehabilitation that allows patients to fully recover in a beautiful healing environment.
  • Central Methodist University – Located in Fayette, Missouri, a complete renovation of this dated science building allowed the University to take their learning to the next level of science technology.

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