SMPS – St. Louis’ New Blogging Station!

What a wild ride it’s been! I began my Presidency in September and I can’t believe the holidays are already here! Thus far, SMPS – St. Louis has had a busy year. Crime Laboratory Tour, Happy Hours, Developer Panel, Education events, and now great Holiday parties!

We have been implementing new types of events and items throughout our Chapter, one of which is blogging. The Chapter has launched our new SMPS – St. Louis website; feel free to check it out at As a way to be able to give our members the best resources and references, we are going to be posting our blogs on the website. When a new blog is posted, you will know, by receiving a notification through one of our social media sites; Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

You are probably wondering why I am ranting on about blogs. Well, SMPS wants to hear from you! We encourage our members to submit blog entries for posting. Blogs can be the best windows of opportunity into other’s interests and passions. This is a chance to learn what motivates, benefits and enthuses them in a purely practical sense. Why not showcase what you have to say and try to make a difference.

If you interested in getting your blog posted, or have any questions about a blog, please contact Tracy Abernathy at

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