Alec Gleason

Alec Gleason

1) I’m looking forward to connecting with as many A/E/C regional thought leaders as I can in order to learn more about the industry as a whole and what motivates the people behind the great companies that build our cities.

2) I’ve been leading the new business initiatives for TOKY just over 2 months now.

3) I once attempted the 4-horseman challenge at Chunky’s in San Antonio, which is hailed as “the hottest burger on the planet”. This bad boy consisted of fresh jalapeno, Serrano peppers, a habanero sauce and the dreaded ghost pepper (somewhere in between there was some semblance of an actual burger but you sure couldn’t taste it). No, I didn’t finish it but it was still a very strong attempt! I still have nightmares about that thing!

4) Outside of work I’m an avid golfer, a bit of a health and fitness nut, and die hard St. Louis sports fan! I’m also lucky to have maintained a close proximity to my family and try to spend as much quality time with my father, brother, and nieces as I can.

5) The firm I represent has a wealth of experience in the A/E/C category; however, my knowledge of the industry is still in its infancy. I know the SMPS connection will help me navigate this new landscape and I’m looking forward to better understanding how firms in these areas really view their marketing practices.

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