Member Spotlight: Katie Kuntz

    by Jennifer Hasamear

    Tell me about your role with Alberici, how long have you been with SMPS and how have you been involved with the organization through the years? 

    As a marketing manager at Alberici, I manage all proposals and marketing efforts for our building and healthcare division. I’m also our CRM administrator and work with 60+ users company-wide to get the most out of the system.

    I joined SMPS in 2014 and really enjoy the networking and educational opportunities it provides. One of the highlights of SMPS for me was the mentoring program, which I’d strongly recommend for anyone in SMPS. I’ve recently started representing SMPS and visiting college marketing classes to talk about careers in professional services marketing, which has been a fun way to connect with the next generation of marketers, hone my public speaking skills, and raise awareness of this career path.

    What led you to get your CPSM Certification? How long have you had it?

    I was approaching 10 years in the industry and was starting to feel a little too comfortable with the knowledge I had gained (if you find yourself thinking or acting like a know-it-all, it’s probably time to learn something new.) At that point, I wanted to broaden my knowledge base and deepen my understanding of some of the topics I encounter every day. The CPSM certification was a logical next step in my career, my journey with SMPS, and my own professional development goals.  

    I studied for the test for about a year (which was really 2 months of studying, 7 months of procrastinating, and 3 months of intense studying) then took (and passed) the test in March 2018.

    How do you feel the CPSM has benefited you and your career?

    I’m definitely more well-rounded. I tend to fall into the trap of focusing my learning on the topics most relevant to me at any given time, but the process of getting my CPSM broadened my horizons. This has given me an appreciation for other areas of marketing and helps me approach challenges with a more holistic view.

    What advice would you give someone who is thinking about going after their CPSM?

    Go for it! It does seem a bit overwhelming at first, particularly if (like me) you haven’t studied or taken a test in a while. As marketers, we do an amazing job at taking a big task, dividing it into smaller pieces, making to-do lists, and getting the work done. I’d recommend taking the same approach to studying.

    Also, don’t feel like you need to study the domains in chronological order. Start with the domain you’re most interested in learning about, which will help you build momentum.

    How long have you been working in this industry? For someone just starting in the industry, what kind of general advice would you give them?

    I’m in my 12th year in the industry (time flies!) and I absolutely love it. I still enjoy seeing the projects we build and going on “field trips” to our construction sites.

    The best piece of advice I have for anyone starting in the industry (or for anyone, really): Don’t be afraid to speak up. Whether you’re asking questions or offering suggestions, don’t keep quiet because you’re “just the marketing person.”

    If you could travel to any place in the world, where would you go? And why?

    We’re currently planning our “dream” family vacation to Disney World this October, and I’m looking forward to experiencing that with my kids. Once they get a little older, I can’t wait to take them to Europe. In college, I spent part of a summer studying abroad in Prague, and I really want to go back.

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