SMPS Build Business 2020

    SMPS Build Business has long been touted as an “experience” where marketers and business development professionals are enlightened and empowered with innovative content from inspiring speakers.  As a first-time attendee, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially since it was virtual. 

    Build Business turned out to be more than an educational conference.  Along with skills labs, roundtables and hack-a-thons, SMPS gave a platform to guest speakers who shared stories about overcoming challenges to build life lessons, being present and authentic to live your best life each day and learning to release whatever it is that is holding you back.  Combine that with yoga sessions, breathing exercises and DJ breaks, Build Business became a transformative conference that helped attendees grow both professionally and personally.

    Even through the daily distraction of proposals and other project work I was able to dedicate time to virtually attend a few of the 70+ sessions offered.  One session that stood out was Leveling Up on LinkedIn Matt Dooley, Partner and CEO of Dooley Social Studio showed attendees how to integrate LinkedIn as a tool to build brand awareness and memorability.  A few tips and recommendations of Matt’s that stood out include:

    • Optimize your profile.  LinkedIn will cater your experience by what is included in your profile.
      • Visit to view your Social Selling Index.  The index measures your effectiveness as it relates to establishing your brand, finding the right people, engaging with insights and building relationships.  Your profile is ranked against people in your network and industry.  
      • Try to achieve profile completeness.  You are 40x more likely to be found.
      • Don’t just tell people about yourself in your profile, show them.  Upload photos, add documents, create a custom headline or vanity URL and update your professional summary.
      • In your professional summary, grip readers with the first couple of sentences and use keywords to place higher in the search results.
      • To gain more profile views, list at least 5 skills.
    • Grow your network by connecting with people that make sense, not just anyone and everyone.
    • Keep building your network by giving attention to get attention.  Share, like and comment on content.
    • Want more exposure / content views?  Create engagement pods with employees.  Matt wrote an article that goes through the pros and cons of engagement pods.
    • Whenever a new feature is introduced, use the tool.  LinkedIn normally notifies your network of your activity when using the new tool so they can build awareness of the tool.  By trying to build awareness of their new feature you are building your own awareness through notifications delivered directly to your network.      
    • Do you want to share a direct link to your profile via a QR code?  To access, on your mobile device, tap the QR code icon in the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.  Tap “My Code” and then tap “Save to Photos”.   You can place the QR code in presentations, proposals or other documents to allow prospects and business partners to view your LinkedIn profile.

    On behalf of SMPS St. Louis, I also encourage you to attend Build Business 2021.  Plans are in process to deliver an unforgettable experience, whether that’s virtually or in-person.    

    Cheryl Vancil
    Marketing Coordinator
    Oates Associates

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