Build Business Recap: Business Development in a Virtual World

    With COVID-19, traditional business development can be less effective. It can be challenging to find a way to connect with potential clients in our new virtual environment. At Build Business 2020, Andrew Weinberg, FSMPS, CPSM, presented a Focus Forward session on Business Development in a Virtual World. This session was a personal tail on how Andrew reacted and pivoted in his role as the Director of Business Development for LF Driscoll. 

    Andrew’s presentation focused on the following:

    • How to reinvent your role and process as a business developer
    • How to leverage resources and industry organizations
    • How to create your own networking platform that leads to market sector penetration
    • How to leverage social media to build your presence in a new market sector

    In March 2020, as COVID-19 was changing the world, Andrew had been at LF Driscoll for just four months. Not only was he adjusting to a new firm, new role, but also new world-wide circumstances. His new position required him to obtain and grow business in the healthcare sector - a sector highly affected by COVID-19. 

    One of Andrew’s pivot strategies was founded in research. How in these unprecedented times, could he or his firm be a resource to his healthcare clients? During his research, he uncovered an organization, AMFP- Association of Medical Facility Professionals. The only problem was AMFP did not have a New York chapter, where Andrew was based. Instead of moving on to find another resource, Andrew founded the AMFP NYC Chapter where he now serves as president. AMFP offers resources and a network for hospital administrators, facility managers, real estate directors, medical property owners, planners, designers, contractors, consultants, vendors, and academics who specialize in healthcare. By establishing this chapter, Andrew directly brought value to his client base while expanding his network.

    Andrew also leveraged his existing network by creating a new leads group that could meet virtually but focus entirely on the healthcare market. Most leads groups are general, but Andrew’s healthcare leads group discusses leads, industry events, organizations, and best practices all within healthcare.

    During the time of COVID-19, it is important to maintain a strong social presence as well. Andrew uses social media to share content, network, and position himself and his firm as a thought leader. He also pointed out that now is a good time to make sure your CRM, pipeline, and projections are all up to date and functioning at their full potential to help you focus your efforts.

    Although times are different, as Andrew demonstrated, we can all still find ways to be effective and add value.   

    Amanda Bohnert, CPSM
    Chief Marketing Officer
    S. M. Wilson & Co. 

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