Member Spotlight: Courtney Dickerson

AUTHOR: Jennifer Hasamear, FGM Architects

Tell me about your role with Horner Shifrin, how long have you been with SMPS and how have you been involved with the organization through the years? 

I’m currently the Marketing Manager for Horner & Shifrin, Inc., and the work of myself and my team is split between proposals, marketing material creation, branding, social media, website, planning of company events, the list goes on. I originally became a member of SMPS in 2015 when I was promoted to Manager from Marketing Coordinator. I try to attend as many events as I can and find networking with other marketing and business development professionals in the AEC industry to be very beneficial.

What initially got you involved with SMPS? Do you think it’s a good organization to join when you first come into this industry? If so, why?

Our president at the time encouraged me to get involved with SMPS, which was great. I think it’s a great resource for learning about new processes and products, as well as bouncing ideas around and developing my network of other marketing professionals in the industry. Being in the AEC industry, most of the technical staff at our firm are part of a lot of professional organizations. I love that SMPS provides professional development for marketing professionals.

Do you remember who your first SMPS ‘friend’ was when you started coming to events? 

Yes! SMPS has connected me and my team with many others in our industry, and it’s nice to have sounding boards of those in the same boat!

What do you most enjoy about SMPS St. Louis? A particular program? Event? And why? 

I enjoy the roundtable discussions. It’s great to hear what other firms are doing and have an opportunity to bounce ideas and challenges around in a group to get a fresh perspective.

What do you think the best thing about St. Louis is? 

The people. The people in St. Louis are passionate and hard workers, while also enjoying all the city has to offer. I love to eat out at all the great restaurants and enjoy the atmosphere.

What would your ‘dream job’ be? 

I would love the opportunity to travel for work, and be able to take my family along, no matter the position. I’ve never pursued a position with travel associated, because I hate to leave my family, so it would be awesome if that wasn’t part of it!

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